Beyond the Plate


Anthony Bourdain dropped out of high school and started his career in the restaurant business as a dishwasher.

This is not an anomaly. It’s the beauty of this industry. It’s not about who you are on paper. It’s who you are in the kitchen. Almost any famous chef or restauranteur you’ve ever heard of worked their way up to where they are now. It’s hard work, dedication and passion in their rawest forms. Cooking, in particular has sparked a sense of purpose known to completely turn lives around.


I’ve heard inspiring stories in the media and even from coworkers in various restaurants, so I knew that this was true, but recently I had the opportunity to witness the power of cooking in its full glory.

I want to share my experience interning at Saint Joseph’s Center in Venice, CA. I was mostly involved with the Culinary Training Program, a 12-week cooking course for people getting back on their feet or with other barriers to employment. They train hard in the kitchen daily, attend lectures on everything from cooking techniques to resume building, and work shifts at a local cafe called Bread and Roses in Venice Beach that feeds the homeless. After completing the curriculum, their experience culminates in a four-week externship at a restaurant or other food service establishment based upon their culinary interests.

And after this? The possibilities are endless.

And miles beyond what could have been imaginable just 18 weeks before.


This was truly a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  From the program coordinators and social workers, to the guest chefs who shared their time, stories, and knowledge, and of course. the talented students themselves, it is truly a team effort. Everyone comes in with a unique story, background and series of hardships; and everyone leaves with a new sense of motivation, passion, lifelong skills and a culinary family supporting them in this next phase of their lives.


The next time you find yourself enjoying the vibrant LA restaurant scene, take a second to appreciate that the food in front of you. It may have a story that reaches far beyond the plate.

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Above: Last day with the amazing team at the CTP

To learn more about the program or get involved, check out their website and follow them @sjculinary

(all photos courtesy of SJC/CTP)

I Should Really Start This Blog…


…is what I’ve been saying for far too long now.  Well, I finally took the leap and checked off something that’s been climbing its way to the top of my “I should really” list for what seems like forever. I kept finding myself saying I’d start it when I was done with “this” or was at “that” place in my career; when I had a perfected vision of what it would look like; and of course, once I came up with the most kickass food pun title for my epic blog-to-be.