I Should Really Start This Blog…


…is what I’ve been saying for far too long now.  Well, I finally took the leap and checked off something that’s been climbing its way to the top of my “I should really” list for what seems like forever. I kept finding myself saying I’d start it when I was done with “this” or was at “that” place in my career; when I had a perfected vision of what it would look like; and of course, once I came up with the most kickass food pun title for my epic blog-to-be.

I began to realize that at this rate, I would probably never have a blog at all, and it finally dawned on me that an imperfect blog is better than a nonexistent one. Besides, life doesn’t work this way, and as a matter of fact, I didn’t even want my blog to work this way either. There’s never a “perfect” time for anything until you create it, and more important to me than any layout, post, or photo was expressing an authentic version of myself that may or may not be helpful or maybe just entertaining for others.

Welcome to my imperfect blog. Surf around. Try new things. Read, cook, fail, win, repeat. Eat your food and be open to other people’s too. Have fun, and never stop exploring.

Life is messy. Gotta #rollwiththebrunches.

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